PROMANYS - totaalinrichting van nieuwbouw en renovatieprojecten


Promanys is een jong en zeer dynamisch team, en bovendien een team waar u altijd kan op rekenen.
U kan ons steeds vrijblijvend contacteren zodat we u kunnen toelichten op welke manier we precies kunnen samenwerken.

Xavier Nys, project assistent bij PROMANYS

Xavier Nys

Project assistant

Lukas Nys, project assistent bij PROMANYS

Lukas Nys

Project assistant

Stefaan Verheecke, project assistent bij PROMANYS

Stefaan Verheecke

Project assistant

Mathieu Vandenberghe, project assistent bij PROMANYS

Mathieu Vandenberghe

Project assistant

Ine Verhaege, interior architect bij PROMANYS

Ine Verhaege

Interior Architect

Julie De Donder, interior architect bij PROMANYS

Julie De Donder

Interior Architect

PROMANYS - Totaalinrichting van nieuwbouw en renovatieprojecten

How do we proceed?

After a first meeting with the customer, we will gradually elaborate on your wishes. You will receive the design that you may have been dreaming of for years. All plans are also presented with a 3D simulation. We also help you choose the right materials.

After the approval of a detailed offer, we also do everything for you. This is done on the basis of a predetermined schedule that is followed in a very professional manner.

As a customer, you don't have to worry: everything is perfectly controlled from start to finish.