Deseyne Orthodontics —
Refreshing Tranquility

When Atelier 10.8 approached us for the complete interior design of orthodontic practice Deseyne in Oostende, the initial signals were already promising: 'We share the same taste in interior, decoration, and art, and we both strive for perfection, so this will be an enjoyable project to tackle together.' And indeed, the collaboration went smoothly with a great synergy fantastic among all parties involved. The result is a cozy and original practice that both dentists and patients love to visit.

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Atelier10 8 brugge photo cafeine be 9

The interior features a sleek, high-quality finish expected in a medical practice, without feeling cold. 'We wanted to immediately put the patient at ease upon entering. To create a pleasant atmosphere, we chose warm, natural materials such as wood and terracotta flooring, combined with soft pastel tones,' added the architect.

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The use of partition walls allowed for the division of the practice into small rooms without sacrificing light or spaciousness.

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Photography: Cafeïne